Yi Iot camera app for PC: Download and install

The YI IoT camera app allows you to stay connected with your loved ones by providing real-time video and audio whenever and wherever you are, all with the touch of a finger. Download the Yi Iot camera app for PC by accessing the download button below.

yi iot camera app for pc

How to Configure Your Alexa IoT Device

Check that the Yi Iot app and camera are operational. Additionally, on the setup page for the Echo show, enable the “Enable Camera Stream” option. The name of my camera is “Smart camera” and it is below. Putting on the echo show setting. This is how I have it set up:

  • region: Europe
  • time: Paris, France, Central European Summer Time
  • language: English (UK)

Launch the Alexa app on your device, and search for the “yi iot” skill. Make sure that the same login account is used for the Echo Show and the Alexa app. (Amazon account). After that, activate the skill and link your account; both the nation and the account must be the same on the Yi IoT app. Discover your device in the Alexa app after you have linked your account. Make certain that the camera is found.
Check to see whether the echo show is available online. The following is a list of my devices, followed by an echo showing their names.

How to Connect a YI Iot WiFi Camera

  • Only 2.4G wifi is supported by the camera, and the settings for this can be changed on your router.
  • When using the camera, it is recommended to do it in an area with a strong wifi signal.
  • In addition, it is to be expected for an IP camera to be delayed and influenced by the network.
  • Account for the APP: Only email is supported by it.
  • If it is not linked to the internet or the wifi cannot be established a connection, please reset it and try again. Whenever you successfully reset something, you will hear a little beep to indicate that it has been done. When connecting, position the camera so that it is relatively close to the router.
  • When the “Motion Tracking” feature was deactivated, the camera will rotate on its own before coming to a halt.
  • Make every effort to avoid coming into contact with the metal area.
  • Make sure that it is not obstructed by any furniture or a microwave oven.
  • Stay away from the area where the audio, video, and data cables are wound, and make sure that the distance between you and the cables is as big as it can be.
  • Make sure that you are as close to the coverage area of the wireless Wi-Fi signals as you possibly can.

Instructions on How to Reset the Yi Iot Camera’s

  • Reset Button Keep pressing and holding the Reset button for approximately 5 seconds.
  • If the horn blows in a short voice, the reset was completed successfully.

Add a Yi Iot PC camera to the list

  • Download and install the application, then sign in.
  • After clicking the plus sign, I got the message “Waiting to connect.”
  • After entering your wifi password, turn the camera lens so that it is pointing directly at the QR code. When you hear the audio prompt from the camera, you should click “Next” and then wait for the connection to complete.
  • After you have successfully linked your camera, give it a name, and the process will be finished.

At this point, you will be prompted to decide whether or not you require storage on the cloud. If there is no need, all you have to do is click the “Start using my YI” button, and everything will be OK.
5GHz wifi is not supported; only 2.4GHz wifi is supported by this device.
It is not possible to support the concealed wifi.
The exceptional qualities are incompatible with the requirements.
The configurations on the router, such as the AP isolation and anti-rubbing network settings, cannot be started. These settings are used to restrict access to the wifi network.

Yi Iot PC Camera Sharing

  • To share cameras with your family, select the “Share Icon” button.
  • Others are required to download the application first, followed by the creation of an account, before they can log in.

Position for Recording

  • After you have inserted the SD card, the setting for the SD card will turn on automatically.
  • The camera will automatically restart once the SD card has been inserted; however, this process takes some time, so please be patient.

View recordings on a desktop computer running Windows

Connect your SD card to a Windows desktop PC using an SD card reader, and you’ll be able to see all of your recordings without having to install any additional software. The Windows Media Player can play any and all video formats without issue.

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